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Social Media marketing for Makeup Artists

June 27, 2017 Shwetha comments

Makeup artist is the one who enhances one’s beauty with his/her magical makeup. As a makeup artist whether you operate in a freelance capacity or structured within a salon or a makeup studio, it’s extremely important to be visible on Social media.

In this piece of article, you will learn few tips and tricks of doing social media marketing for Makeup Artists.

1. Cover image – Take full advantage of your cover image. Include photos of your work or you can even make a collage of all your makeup works. You could change your cover image whenever you have some offers for bridal make up or any batches open for your courses and market them.


Photo Credit – Kiinjal Mehta

2. Use lot of photos of your work – The most sharable posts on social media is images. You are in the business of fashion and beauty and they are extremely visual. Ensure to make the most out of it.


Photo Credit – Vidya Tikari

3. Videos – Videos drive engagement than images. If you have video tutorials of makeup, making of makeup or any other videos related to your work – include them in your update.


Photo Credit – Jharna Shah

4. Testimonials/ Reviews – Include your client’s testimonials and reviews in your updates. People would love to see how your product has helped or benefitted others. By doing this, you are also helping your potential clients to make their decision in buying your product/services

5. Blog about it – Blog anything about your work, your interviews, your busy days, make -up tips, hair do’s etc. Link your blog posts on all your social media networks.

6. Do Not Over Sell – Don’t be too pushy on each and every post asking people to contact you or buy your services, because none of us likes to be advertized. People are smart enough to find your contact details and get in touch with you if they really like your work.

7. Page likes/ followers – Do not focus on buying likes/ fake likes or followers. Instead focus on your target audience and build your community. Ultimately, engagement is likely to happen with genuine target audience who is interested in your products/services.

Bonus Tip:

Website: Your website is your online identity where somebody can find you 24/7 and you can always be there for your customers. Your website can attract new business by using a lot of marketing techniques.

For makeup artists, it is very important to have website as they can show case their work and market effectively to attract new clients. You may contact Digital Samrat, a Web development and digital marketing company for your website design and development. They make SEO friendly and responsive websites for you at affordable price.

Hope this article helps in Social Media Marketing for Makeup Artists.

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