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How to build a killer Social Media Strategy

July 26, 2017 Shwetha comments

Social media has become an integral part of a successful marketing plan for any business. With more and more people realizing the importance of authentic online following, entrepreneurs are relying on different platforms for the branding of their business by creating a distinct social media strategy.

Undeniably, the reach of social media is limitless and has made it easier for new entrepreneurs to target customers from all around the world.

But, no matter what you do, the internet never appreciates those who are not real. Thus, you need to have an authentic and genuine social media strategy.

How? Is it easy enough? Can anyone make an extraordinary social media strategy? If yes, how is it possible? Let’s find out.

Planning Is the Key:

Regardless of the demand for your brand, it would be nothing but foolishness to select all of the platforms in the start. You will end up nowhere but amidst confusion regarding what to post and how to post.

To start with, just take up a platform or two. That’s all. Once you have figured out the way how to grow a platform, you can then add up more into the list.

When it comes to picking the right platform:

  • Concentrate on where your audience is
  • Which is your favourite platform
  • Which platform matches your content

Posting and Engaging:

The ultimate aim of using social media platform for your business is to attract customers and generate leads, isn’t it? And, how can you do that? By posting adequate content at the right time. To make the entire process easier, create an editorial calendar so that you can always remain up-to-date.

A well-planned calendar will help you keep a track on when to post and how much to post. Once that is done, schedule your time, set a reminder, and start the work of engaging customers.

Keep a Track on Competitors:

Another way of creating an amazing social media strategy is by following your competitors. Trust me, it works wonderfully. Before even starting up something, research more about your competitors and find out what is working for them & how, and what is not working for them & why?

Go to their social media profiles and analyse them thoroughly. Check out how they are posting, when they are posting, and what they are posting. Once you have collected the required information, and implement it on your own strategy.

Technicalities in social media strategy:

It is important that your social media profiles should work properly. There are many aspects to consider. First of all, make sure that there is proper contact information on all of your profiles so that your customers don’t have to seek help from otters in the case of an emergency.

Create adequate and attractive landing pages for your customers. These pages should reflect in your posts as well.

Set up campaigns in accordance with your business goals. Set a suitable budget to spend on these campaigns.


In the end, it is all about analysing what is working as per the plan and what is not. Once you have implemented your social media strategy, your work doesn’t end there. You need to keep a close eye on everything happening in the pretext of that strategy.

Look closely. See what you missed, what went wrong, and what is good enough. Next time, implement the left-out things and revamp the entire structure.

Creating a social media strategy is not a daunting task but an easy one if done properly. Just know your requirements, integrate them into a strategy and get going.

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