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Category: Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

August 4, 2017 Shwetha comments

Learn Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing, Its Types and Major Differences with examples. Note: SEM means “Search Engine Marketing” not “Search Engine Optimization”(SEO). In the video by mistake i said search engine optimization.


8 Winning Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Without SEO

July 8, 2017 Shwetha comments

It is obvious that you want to increase traffic to your website. In today’s digital world reduced traffic may mean dark days for your business. The most prevalent way to increase website traffic is to use SEO tactics. But, getting traffic from Google is pretty time-consuming. Moreover, with changes in search engine algorithms, site rankings fall and business revenue decreases. There must be a way out of this fix. Yes, there is. There are other ways than search engine rankings to increase traffic and conversion on your site. But, before we start discussing about techniques, let us delve into the


11 Hotel Digital Marketing Ideas To Attract More Guests

May 30, 2017 Shwetha comments

Recently, a substantial number of hotel chains dissolved their contracts with Online Travel Agencies (OTA) to be able to offer products at affordable prices on their own websites. This is an effort to increase bookings, via the hotel’s own website. Also, the move is meant to put an immense pressure on the OTAs for revamping their contract terms. However, even though this tactic may work for larger chains; boutique and smaller independent establishments may find themselves at a disadvantage. Without the support of several channels, small hotels will find differentiating and marketing products difficult and expensive. This is where a


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