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6 smart ways to effectively promote your YouTube channel

July 28, 2017 Shwetha comments

According to a study, almost 6 out of 10 people choose watching videos over reading a text. And, as per the statistics, YouTube channel is the second-largest search engine. Thus, the advantages that one can gain from this platform are quite inevitable.

However, accumulating proper views is easy said than done. But, don’t worry, here are some of the effective strategies that will help promote your content on YouTube.


Search Engine Optimization is the thing that can help you increase the ranking of your YouTube channel on other search engines. When considering videos for search results, YouTube’s algorithm considers various things. Thus, you must mention as much information as you can.

Research your keywords and add them appropriately in titles, descriptions, file names, annotations, tags, and other relevant fields.

If you are not sure about the keywords that you can use, think about the words people might use to search your content. Use those keywords or phrases in your content and optimize it for the search engines.

Video Titles:

The first thing that your viewers will concentrate is the title of your video. That is why the title has to be catchy yet informative. The point to remember here is that your title should be short and on point. Only add 66 characters in the title as that is the limit recommended by Google.

You can even use Google Adwords to find out relevant keywords to add in the title. It will be helpful in ranking the video higher in the search result.

Remember, whatever the title you choose, it should compel the viewers to open up the link and watch your video till the end.

Add Up More Information:

Consistency is the key. While there are various ways to customize the appurtenance of your YouTube channel, you must make sure that everything, including colour scheme, logo, and other things are similar on every platform and the website.

When it comes to adding up information, do extensive research of keywords and add them everywhere that you can.

What if the viewers want to contact you? Make it easier for them to give feedback by adding up your contact information.

E-mail Marketing:

Of course, uploading videos is one of the beneficial ways of marketing your brand, but how will your audience get to know about the new update? The simple answer is – E-mail marketing. You cannot underestimate the power of sales conversion through E-mail marketing.

If your brand already has an e-mail list, send the video to them every time you upload one to spread the word about your YouTube channel.

In the end, don’t forget to add Call to action and ask viewers to subscribe to your channel for more relevant videos.

Advertise your YouTube channel:

There are various advertising options that YouTube offers. You can run these ad campaigns to spread the news about your channel. Moreover, there is no minimum budget limit; thus, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot.

Also, there are certain tips that you can follow for adequate advertising:

  • Short ads
  • Call to action
  • Research


Apart from all the tactics, you can also run up a contest. After all, who doesn’t like free things? Lure your viewers to subscribe to your channel by offering free giveaway and prizes. Create a video with a call to action as the contest and spread it across.

This is indeed one of the best ways that will bring more subscribers and loyal viewers to your YouTube channel.

So, these are some of the tactics that you can apply to promote your YouTube channel.

Do you know something better? Share with us in the comment section.

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