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Case Study Sujith

How I Helped
Sujith to generate 1 crore
revenue from 24 lacs per annum
Mr.Sujith Gowda
Founder of Bangalore Loan Guru
"Gireesh makes me earn 1 crore in revenue each and every year! What more needs to be said"

The Issue

Bangalore Loan Guru helps people to arrange both secured and unsecured loans. The owner and founder, Mr.SujithGowda, assists people to apply for loans in a hassle-free manner, with minimum documents and less interest rate. In spite of using telecalling as a way to generate leads, his business was not having success. The problem was, his business had no online presence and was therefore, not gaining enough leads. He hired me to grow his business and fetch him qualified leads at low expenses.

The Smart
Solution and
Impressive Results

After 3 months, he began to get 100 qualified leads every month. His earnings that used to stay from 24 to 30 lacs per annum went up by 300% and touched the scale of 90 lacs to 1 crore per annum.

Our Strategy/Plan of Action

Technique #1 - Creating a New Website and Developing It
New Website design

I started work by creating a responsive and SEO-friendly website.

Web development

My team of developers added user-friendly content and made the site fast loading. They also made the site easy to navigate.

Lead magnet

By utilizing lead magnet, I helped Mr. Gowda to offer value to his potential clients in lieu of their contact details. In this manner, he obtained qualified leads to his website.

Lead capture form

I created a lead capture form for the landing page for visitors to fill up whenever they clicked on an online advertisement or a search engine optimized result.

Technique #2 - Optimizing the Website
Appropriate Optimization

I successfully drove traffic to http://www.bangaloreloanguru.com/ by introducing and optimizing Meta description tags, title tags, Image tags, and heading tags. With my expertise, I created SEO-friendly URLs and inserted keywords inside content.

Proper Indexation

With sitemaps, no-indexing tags, authentic content and pagination, I made sure that the website had perfect indexation. With proper pagination, the search engines could crawl the web pages and the site could get natural presence in search engines.

Titles with Keywords

I used keyword rich title for each web page to enable complete utilization of tags and ensure strong presence of the site in natural search results.

Technique #3 - Helping in Website Conversion
A/B Testing

To know what attracted the website's visitors, what they were looking for and what repelled or confused them, we conducted a survey on them. Their response lead us to conduct A/B split tests and use the most efficient strategy to convert clients.

Increased conversion rate

I brought together the results of split tests and surveys and worked to ensure proper navigation of visitors to the services they were searching for. This increased the conversion rate to a massive extent. We also linked high relevant content sources wherever necessary to increase link blending.

Technique #4 - Enhancing the Loading Speed of Site
Get rid of useless aspects

I removed the unessential coded factors to increase the loading speed of the site. This resulted in decreasing the external files that need to be downloaded before a site is launched properly.

Proper Caching

By working on correct caching of the website, I boosted its loading speed and enhanced the content saved on the user's system. It also lowered the volume of content that needs to be downloaded while launching a site.

Upgrading HTML/CSS Codes

In order to offer a better user experience and enhance the viewing experience of search engines, I upgraded the CSS and HTML codes. This measure also boosted the loading speed of the site.

Happy Clients

Madhav Agarwal
Dr. Vinod Sonawane

My pleasure to work with you guys to design d'ashram spa website. I appreciate your creative ideas, client interaction skills, designing as per client's need with the positivism. Will surely take you for the upcoming projects. I specially thank Gireesh for giving the end to end solution by listening my ideas. Have good time and my wishes to reach heights in your venture.

Ram Behin

Thanks to Digital Samrat for creating a world-class website. Their team is extremely supportive and understanding. When people surf our website they never stop admiring it and will surely benefit us to grow our business.

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