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Case Study Nicola

How I Helped
Nicola to Sell her Workshops
Nicola Bharadwaj
Founder of School of Change
"Gireesh has helped me sell 20 workshops in 6 months. Thanks to him, my site has received 1 lakh visitors."

The Issue

School of Change is a popular image consultant site. The founder, Nicola Bharadwaj, was inexperienced in Internet marketing techniques and was not sure how to market her workshops. She approached me with the hope to increase the reach of her site.

The Smart
Solution and
Impressive Results

She sold 20 workshops in only 6 months and earned massive profits. Her website had a paid reach of 102778 visitors and 26797 visitors through unpaid or organic reach. My digital marketing efforts fetched her 2332 page likes, 1226 post likes, 313 shares, 368 video views and 291 comment

Our Strategy/Plan of Action

Technique #1 - Keeping the Target Audience in Mind
Tripwire –


I implemented the tripwire marketing technique to convert traffic. I attracted audience with small offerings and finally convinced them to buy more expensive ones. I started with the 2 hour program of styling secret for women and gentlemen league for men.


By introducing the 1 day program called "women get stylish" and a 4 hour program called "50 shades beautiful art of makeup" I brought the core products into focus.


I finally resorted to up-selling of the master class of 3 days, which is the most expensive program at her institution.

Technique #2 - Offering Social Media Consultation

I helped her determine the right approach to optimize her Social Media Presence www.schoolofchange.co.in With proper SEM, I assisted her to gain useful insight into the benefits of correct content, images, design and development.

Technique #3 - Offering Landing Page Consultation
Tripwire –

I made her realize how tripwire strategy can convert leads through video testimonial and thank you page over a period of time. Lead magnet allows a business owner to offer information to his or her clients in exchange of their contact details. I helped her to understand how lead magnet could draw traffic to her landing pages. http://schoolofchange.co.in/styling-secret-landing-page-1.php is a landing page of School of Change.

Technique #4 - Boosting Conversion Rate

I did a/b and multi variant testing of ad creative, text ads and the landing page

Google Ads –

At first, I conducted a keyword research and then inserted the right keyword in the Ad. By using the Google AdWords facility, I made sure that the institution caught the attention of searchers.

A/B Testing –

I conducted this test to understand, which sales strategy is optimum to convert clients.

Targeting –

I helped her out withright keyword and location targeting to increase conversion rate.

Technique #5 - Setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster Accounts

I used my digital marketing skills to set up Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts for School of Change. This helped Nicola to track visits to her website and understand visitor's behavior.

Technique #6 - Setting up Facebook Pixel

I created Facebook pixel to build audience and track the way, in which people used her website.

Technique #7 - Running Contests

By offering her insight into contest running techniques on Facebook and other social media sites, I made sure that her website engaged visitors.

Technique #8 - Offering Blog Consultation

One of the most important factors behind the success of a site is its blogs. I suggested Nicola to create compelling blogs that would entice the readers into visiting the site.

Technique #9 - Helping with Email Automation and Marketing

Nicola took my consultation for automating her email settings, so that she could reach out to a large audience base and market her site among them.

Technique #10 - Retargeting

By using the technique of retargeting, I made sure that http://schoolofchange.co.in/soc.php had an increased audience visit and traffic conversion.

Happy Clients

Madhav Agarwal
Dr. Vinod Sonawane

My pleasure to work with you guys to design d'ashram spa website. I appreciate your creative ideas, client interaction skills, designing as per client's need with the positivism. Will surely take you for the upcoming projects. I specially thank Gireesh for giving the end to end solution by listening my ideas. Have good time and my wishes to reach heights in your venture.

Ram Behin

Thanks to Digital Samrat for creating a world-class website. Their team is extremely supportive and understanding. When people surf our website they never stop admiring it and will surely benefit us to grow our business.

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