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Case Study Nanavati Hospital

How I Engaged a
Striking Number of Visitors
To Nanavati Hospital Using SEO?
Mr.Pramod Turbe
Marketing Head Nanavati Hospital
"With Gireesh Samrat's innovative tricks and efforts, our website has attracted 1000% jump in traffic in the last 3 months". Really Amazing Guy !!

The Issue

Nanavati Hospital sought my consultation when they were really upset about the low search traffic their website was getting. Despite being a recognized and reputed name in the medical industry, their website lacked some important aspects that are indispensable to drive quality traffic.

The Smart
Solution and
Impressive Results

In a time-span of 3 months, my efforts brought great results. I was successful in driving a good number of natural search traffic to the website. The page views soar up to 3000 percent and the search traffic increased by 1000 percent.
  • 3000% Page Views
  • 1000% Increase in Traffic

Our Strategy/Plan of Action

Technique #1 - Making Best On-site Optimization Efforts
New Sitemaps

Since the website's existing sitemaps failed to match up to the latest SEO practices, this resulted in inappropriate indexation by the search engines. So, I created new sitemaps to bring into order the proper pages and this worked in enabling the search engines to crawl and report the web pages.

Perfect Page Management

There were a lot of pagination issues in the web pages and this were thwarting search engines to index the pages properly. We incorporated appropriate page management practices. As a result, the site crawling got better and the natural search presence of the website got enhanced.

Keywords Revamped for Title Tags

We put efforts to erase the branded keywords in the internal page title tags throughout the website. This helped in highlighting the unique content in all the pages and stopped from this content being tagged as duplicate content.

Keyword-rich Titles

We created custom keyword-rich titles for every page of the website. It resulted into utilizing the full potential of the <h1> tags which ensured powerful presence in the natural search results.

Technique #2 - Shrinking the Possibilities of Duplicate Content Filtering
Meta Descriptions for Each Page

By writing appropriate Meta descriptions for each page of the website, we were successful in wiping out quite a few issues pertaining to duplicate content.

'No Follow' for Links that are of No Value

In order to get a strong grip of the flow of authority throughout the website, it was required to add 'No Follow' tags to the site page links that were of no relevance. This enabled the search engines to stop considering Page Rank to irrelevant aspects like, account pages and comment pages.

Technique #3 - Increasing Search Traffic Using Image Results
Image ALT Tags

By adding ALT tags to every image of the website, we were successful in boosting the on-site SEO and also, prevented the possibilities of fetching penalties for over-optimization. The ALT tags helped in catering to the niche audiences with targeted keywords and useful information.

Ideal Image Compression

The image compression was done in a way that did not affect the user experience and at the same time, reduced the amount of resources required for the faster loading speed of the website.

Additional Image Optimization

We also renamed the image files and added properdescriptions to each of the website images. This additional image optimization increased the natural search traffic.

Technique #4 - Boosting Site Loading Speed for Appropriate SEO
Clearing out the Ineffective Aspects

Excess things cause inefficiency. So, we removed a number of unnecessary coded factors to boost the site's loading speed by reducing the number of external files required to be downloaded prior to a site's proper launch.

Correct Caching

We worked on the accurate caching on the website. This enhanced the loading speed of the site by increasing the content that was saved in the user's computer and minimizing the amount of new content that should be downloaded during launch of the website.

Improving HTML/CSS Codes

To boost site's loading speed and to make sure that both users and search engines get better viewing experience, we eliminated the HTML and CSS codes and also optimized database tables.

Happy Clients

Madhav Agarwal
Dr. Vinod Sonawane

My pleasure to work with you guys to design d'ashram spa website. I appreciate your creative ideas, client interaction skills, designing as per client's need with the positivism. Will surely take you for the upcoming projects. I specially thank Gireesh for giving the end to end solution by listening my ideas. Have good time and my wishes to reach heights in your venture.

Ram Behin

Thanks to Digital Samrat for creating a world-class website. Their team is extremely supportive and understanding. When people surf our website they never stop admiring it and will surely benefit us to grow our business.

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