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Case Study Life Force Homeopathy

How I Steered
Lifeforce Homeopathy to Gain
Quality Traffic and High Revenue
Dr. Rajesh Shah
Founder of Lifeforce Homeopathy
"With Gireesh's smart and innovative plan of action, our website has been able to draw 200% more traffic and we have been all smiles to see our high turnover"

The Issue

Lifeforce Homeopathy has been offering expert homeopathy treatments since 1985. Despite being considered one of the leading homeopathy clinics in the world, Dr. Rajesh Shah has been really worried about the not-so-popular website of the clinic. So, he consulted me to attract traffic to the website and secure high conversion rates.

The Smart
Solution and
Impressive Results

The website's traffic soared up by 200 percent via search engine optimization. The conversion rate took an upturn by 100 percent via survey and a/b testing etc. I managed to do all this in just 5 months of time.
  • 200% Increase in Traffic
  • 100% Increase in Conversion

Our Strategy/Plan of Action

Technique #1 - Optimizing the Website for Top Search Engines
Proper Optimization

I was successful in driving search traffic to http://www.askdrshah.com/ by optimizing the title tags, Meta description tags, heading tags, Image tags, Seo friendly URL, and the content of the website to insert targeted keywords.

Accurate Indexation

I ensured appropriate indexation of the website by using no-indexing tags, sitemaps and pagination, and reworked on duplicate content.

Revamp of Existing Content

I made sure that the website benefitted from long tail search traffic with the rearrangement of the sites content.

Technique #2 - Increasing Social Media Traffic
Effective Website Promotion

I guided Dr. Rajesh Shah to build a strong social media presence and connect with his followers to increase and steer social media visitors to his website.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

By guiding Dr. Shah to describe his services in short paragraphs, I was successful in bringing to him a good number of social media shares that increased his website traffic.

Building Connections with Super Users

In order to attract targeted audiences and boost the visibility of the brand, I guided Dr. Shah to create relationships with super users.

Technique #3 - Boosting Website Conversion Rate
A/B Testing

At first, we conducted a survey on the website visitors to know what caught their attention and what disappointed them, what they were searching for and whether they found anything confusing. Depending on the response of the visitors, we conducted a number of A/B split tests to implement the most effective sales strategy to convert customers.

Conversion Rates Increased by 200 percent

By combining the outcomes of the surveys and split tests, we channelized our efforts to navigate the visitors to the exact services they were interested to avail. This resulted into a whopping 200 percent boost in conversion rates. Eternal links to high-value, highly relevant content sources wherever possible to maximize the SEO power of link blending.

Technique #4 - Engaging Audiences with Blogging
Useful Blog Topics

Based on the user surveys and the split tests, I was successful in creating blog topics that were of value to the audiences. This turned out to be immensely useful in connecting with the existing audiences and directing them to avail services.

Enhanced Community Engagement

I guided Dr. Shah and his team to improve writing style to gain more queries and comments from his audiences. This helped him boost community engagement.

Proper Email Drip Systems

In order to reach out to people who were not regular visitors to the blog section, I guided Dr. Shah to place the email drip systems appropriately. This strategy worked in attracting that group of people to the website and improving the total sales.

Technique #5 - Conducting Paid Advertising Campaigns
Leveraging Diverse Paid Advertising Channels

We left no stone unturned to ensure high conversion rates. Starting from PPC to paid ads on YouTube, we utilized the potential of every paid advertising channel to increase conversions.

Attractive Creatives Each Week

Attractive Creatives Each Week – To make sure that the click-through-rates do not take a downturn, I kept on making new and unique creatives on weekly basis. This helped to improve the click-through-rates on ads.

Technique #6 - Consultation for website revamp as per user experience

In order to reach out to mobile and tablet users, we made the responsive for easy and smooth viewing on small devices.

Faster Page Load

By speeding up the site's loading time, we ensured top-notch user experience.

Lead Capture

We leveraged the lead capturing system to direct visitors to find the exact information they were looking for.

User-friendly Navigation

By ensuring simple and usable navigation menus, we made surethat users were able to interact with the website easily.

Happy Clients

Madhav Agarwal
Dr. Vinod Sonawane

My pleasure to work with you guys to design d'ashram spa website. I appreciate your creative ideas, client interaction skills, designing as per client's need with the positivism. Will surely take you for the upcoming projects. I specially thank Gireesh for giving the end to end solution by listening my ideas. Have good time and my wishes to reach heights in your venture.

Ram Behin

Thanks to Digital Samrat for creating a world-class website. Their team is extremely supportive and understanding. When people surf our website they never stop admiring it and will surely benefit us to grow our business.

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